Duxberg is manufacturer of commercial vehicle braking systems. Duxberg is a U.S. company with sales offices within the US and China. Our company’s headquarters and manufacturing facilities are currently located in Guangdong and Hunan Province China. Recently our company completed a 10year agreement which now allows us full creative control over a set number of our facilities.

Since completing our agreement we have now entered into joint-venture that includes a joint-venture with an equity stake in top commercial vehicle parts manufacturer in China which happens to be a part of a larger manufacturing investment group.

Duxberg is a leading global supplier of commercial vehicle parts. Our company current product portfolio covers a wide range of products from manual and automatic slack adjusters, brake chambers, s-cam shafts, brake shoes, brake linings, brake valves, u-joints, brake discs, brake drums, bearing Centre supports.

Duxberg commercial vehicle braking systems and components are primarily used for medium- and heavy-duty trucks in North America, South America and Europe and the Middle East Australia, Southeast Asia. Our company products are currently being used in on and off road commercial vehicles applications from; bus, coach, construction, defense, fire. Duxberg has a wide range of products and systems for undercarriage and trailer applications as well.

Duxberg understands that today’s market is highly competitive which leaves little or no room for error. Our company operates in a six Sigma environment doing this has allowed our company to expand twice within a 24 month period. During our 2nd expansions back in 2012 we moved into a new 8,000 square meter facility .In 2013 we acquired 50,000 square meters of land. Duxberg is now currently on our 3rd expansion phase.

Duxberg products can currently be found in 33 countries and counting, working on a daily basis to engineer safety, performance and reliability into all our products. Back in 2009 we manufactured and exported over 1.1 million brake chambers within a 12 month period. Our long term goal is to achieve a manufacture to export of 1 million pieces annually for each one of our products that could be found within our portfolio.

Duxberg is equipped with hundreds of advanced machines from Germany Japan and Taiwan. Our engineering team comes from various countries such as the U.S, Australia, France, Italy, Slovenia etc. To learn more about Duxberg please take a moment and look over our site and if you have any questions please contact our support team thanks again for visiting us here at Duxberg.