Genuine, Dependable, Reliable

Duxberg Spring Brake or Brake Chambers provides a high level in quality, performance, durability and safety standards. Our brake chambers are designed and manufactured using the correct materials with the correct quality controls in place to make are in product a premium product. Duxberg is currently manufacturing and exporting over 1 million brake chambers a year.

Duxberg-Spring Brakes/Chambers

• Duxberg meets all SAE standards (please visit our certification section on our site).
• Duxberg brake chambers will help your vehicle will park when you need it. Our brake chambers will continue to perform at a high level for you at each and every stop throughout the day.
• Duxberg compressed power springs provides vehicle with gains over 30%.A excellent reason to ride our brake chambers when compared to standard models that are on today market.
• Duxberg brake chambers tandems comes in close to 8 pounds per tandem
• Duxberg brake chambers provides optimal braking force when you need it
• Duxberg design includes parking diaphragms with accurate geometry combined with heavy duty materials gives you rock solid product with performance you can rely on

Brake Chambers Explained

Service Brake Chambers

• Are required only when the application of service brake air chamber isn’t wired on an axle also there are no emergency brakes on this axle. Service brake chambers are located on steer axles as well as rear axles and old trailers that use a relay emergency valve to apply parking air pressure to the service brake chamber.

Spring Brake Piggbacks

• Are replacement parts for spring brake chambers. There is a heavy spring located inside which applies the necessary mechanical force for parking and emergency brake functions. Servicing the piggyback should never be attempted due to the large compression force that is currently on the spring which could reach 3,000 lbs. Attempting to replace the spring can easily lead to severe injury or death in the case in which spring was accidentally released.

Spring Brake Assembly

• The spring brake assembly usually includes the service brake and parking/emergency brake. The service brake assembly is the section located closest to the axle. Diaphragms, push rods as well as return springs may be service by removing the clamp. Spring/emergency brake is basically everything from the first clamp to the end furthest from the axle. The spring brake must be completely replaced it is deemed faulty.