Duxberg Brake Shoes & Brake Lining

Genuine, Dependable, Reliable

Duxberg‘s company portfolio includes cast iron and fabricated steel brake shoes. Our company brake shoes are currently being used on commercial vehicles throughout the world. Starting with a higher grade of carbon steel allows us to achieve tighter specifications within the manufacturing process.

Our steel fabricated brake shoes welds are done by using automated continuous gas art welding machine this provides maximum strength alongside the brake shoe. Quality components are used throughout the assembly of our brake shoes, using stainless steel bushings, heat treated and zinc-chromate coated rollers as well as powder coated springs to prevent rust and improve overall durability of your brakes.

CNC rotary drills and machines are used in order to hold tighter countersink tolerances and to prevent riveting. Finally a corrosion resistance e-coating is applied to help prevent corrosion. Brakes shoes monitor and measured throughout the manufacturing process with computer-controlled gauges to ensure radius are correct and shoes are uniformed and balance. This will eliminate any hotspots or any other potential problems which will shorten the lifespan of the brake shoes.

Duxberg’s brake shoes are manufactured under and meet TS16949 & SAE J434 standards.

Duxberg Brake Lining

Duxberg offers wide range of brake lining from standard to premium grade brake lining with axle loads rating from 20,000, 23,000 and 25,000 lbs. Our brake linings are made up of high density friction materials which give them the ability to hold more heat energy and efficiently dissipate the heat. One of the most key character traits of brake linings is its density.

Therefore it’s critical that we source down the highest quality of raw materials to manufacture our brake linings. Using heavier raw materials allows for create a higher mass in the block this is commonly known as high density.

Commercial vehicle brakes are designed to convert energy from a moving vehicle into heat energy. Duxberg’s high density brake linings at high temperatures exhibit better wear characteristics and are less prone to crack while in service.