Duxberg Center Support Bearing

Duxberg’s center support bearing are designed to be fix as well be interchangeable with all major commercial vehicle applications. Our bearing are designed with frames that are constructed from reinforced heavy-gauge, cold-rolled steel for added strength. Doing this increases the overall durability and service life of the center support bearing.

Duxberg bearing inserts have been pre-greased and sealed as well as another layer of grease has been applied between the sealed bearing and dust shields to maximize protection. So if you are looking for quality center support bearings that have been proven around the world then use Duxberg center support bearing there ready to use right out the box.

All center support bearings are manufactured to ISO/TS16949: 2002 standards in our local manufacturing facilities. Duxberg’s center support bearings go through rigorous testing procedures throughout the entire manufacturing process to ensure the highest possible quality standard is achieved in each and every center support bearing that we manufacture.

Duxberg’s center support bearing are designed to operate under extreme and harsh conditions and still perform quietly and smoothly in these operating conditions. Finally our center support bearing rubber cushions are manufactured using a unique formula that blends and bonds the highest quality materials into a rubber compound that provides support while absorbing and separating vibrations that could damage the driveline.