Duxberg S-Cam Shafts

Duxberg S-Cam Shafts are manufactured in our,IATF, ISO/TS 16949: 2002 certified factory. Duxberg currently manufactures a wide range s-cam shafts. Our S-cam shaft heads start off with induction hardened forged cam heads which helps achieve precision sizing and maximum strength and extended life for our cams. Duxberg’s S-cam head profiles are CNC machined to ensure concentricity tolerances along the cam head and shaft.

Duxberg uses control precision machining along the camshaft assures correct journal diameter. Deflection indicators are used to eliminate any unbalanced forces.  S-cam shafts journals are induction hardened and cylindrically ground and our splines are machine rolled and induction hardened as well. Full induction hardening provides maximum durability and corrosion resistance.

Duxberg understands what it takes to manufacture s-cam at a high level and we have been doing this for a number of years. Camshafts that have manufacture defects in them when installed can cause erratic problems with the braking system. Duxberg  S-cam are have several key measurements features head size, spline diameter, spline teeth, journal diameter, axle position, rotation effective length.

S-Cam Head Size

S-Cam head sizes can be determined by measuring its width at the center of the ‘S’.

S-Cam Spline Diameter / Teeth

S-Cam diameters can be determined by measuring the point in which the width of the spline teeth is at its greatest amount. Notice where the camshafts couples with the slack adjusters, it’s very important that the S-Cam and the slack adjuster diameter is the same as the spline as well as the same number of spline teeth.

S-Cam Journal Diameter

Multiple journal measurements can be found on some camshafts journals. The spider journal is the actually diameter that we are referring to the journal diameters. This also refers to the journal that is closest to the head of the S-Cam.

S-Cam Effective Length

To understand and get the correct effective length of a S-Cam start measuring from the head to beginning of the lock ring groove.

S-Cam Rotation

S-Cam can rotate from either the right or left hand. S-Cam rotation references to the direction that the S-Cam rotates but does not refer to the side of the vehicle the camshaft is installed on.